Chakra balancing reflexology

A deeply rebalancing reflexology treatment.  Bringing body and mind into a state of harmony and relaxation. Amazing for stress relief!

​For a course of chakra balancing reflexology treatments, get in touch today.  Liz at Devon Sole Reflexology is a mobile reflexologist based in Paignton, South Devon.  Areas covered include Paignton, Torquay, Brixham and Totnes.

Experience the benefits of energy healing through reflexology

There are seven chakras, or energy centres, in the body.  All are responsible for regulating our emotions, wellbeing and general health. It is important for these chakras to be perfectly balanced and in alignment with one another.

The theory behind the ancient concept of chakras dictates that an imbalance can impact negatively on our bodily and mental health. To restore order, we work on the seven major chakras.  Each chakra is connected to a different endocrine gland. These energy centres are found along the spinal cord branching from the nerve roots to the corresponding endocrine gland. By balancing the chakras through working on the corresponding reflex points on the feet, the endocrine and nervous systems are bought back into balance unblocking the energy centres within our bodies.

​Even the most sceptical clients will enjoy a revitalising and deeply relaxing treatment that gives your energy levels and all-over wellbeing a boost.

What are the seven chakras?

Root chakra (at the base of the spine)

Sacral chakra (below the navel)

Solar plexus chakra (just above the naval)

Heart chakra (at the heart)

Throat chakra (in the throat)

Third-eye chakra (between the eyebrows)

Crown chakra (at the top of the head)

How may you benefit from chakra realignment?

You’ll feel calm and relaxed

Freedom from stress and anxiety

Increased energy levels

Feel confident and ready to take on life’s challenges with a new, positive mindset

Less stress and troublesome thoughts can lead to improved quality of sleep

A holistic therapy that is tailored to you as an individual

We are all individuals, with our own thoughts and experiences, our own personal challenges holding us back, and our own minds and bodies to which we are attuned.

​As your chakra rebalancing reflexologist, I tailor each session to you, your body and your wellness goals.

A chakra balancing reflexology treatment, which can be combined with crystals, will help to restore harmony and balance throughout your body for a multitude of beneficial results that will leave you feeling energised and renewed.

Enjoy the sense of calm and motivation that chakra rebalancing reflexology brings. Book a session with me: