Pregnancy reflexology

Supporting you through your journey from pre-conception through to a natural birth and the post-natal period.

Get in touch with Devon Sole Reflexology and we’ll have a chat about your needs as well as those of your baby. Mobile treatments provided throughout Totnes, Paignton and Torquay.

Promoting wellbeing and enhanced energy levels before, during and post pregnancy

Reflexology helps to reduce stress and anxiety, all whilst boosting your energy levels. This can play a key role in creating the ideal environment for the body to conceive.

Book a course of treatments as an excellent complement to any medical care you may be receiving during, before and post-pregnancy.

Pre-conception and fertility

Relax the body and mind through a course of calming fertility reflexology treatments.

The emphasis is on overall health and wellbeing. Through each session, we’ll seek to balance the body by relieving tension and promoting relaxation with the aim of supporting couples trying to conceive.


A new and exciting journey that can bring about huge changes to your body and mind on a physical and emotional level.

Reflexology is a safe and natural way to support you through a healthy pregnancy. It can help relieve some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, leaving you to feel relaxed and calm at this crucial time. Treatments are available during the second and third trimesters only.

Post-natal reflexology

A time when the body is readjusting and hormones are constantly in flux. During this period, you may be feeling excited or overwhelmed and tired from becoming a mum.

Reflexology helps support you and your baby by helping bring your body back into a healthy balance. A wonderful opportunity to relax together during your treatment.

A short reflexology treatment is also available for your baby as part of the session.

Devon Sole Reflexology: here to support baby and you during this all-important time. Contact Liz on: