Workplace reflexology

The workplace should be an environment that is collaborative, positive and productive.  But so often it can become bogged down by stress, fatigue and frustration!

​Treating your staff to a reflexology session could have so many benefits for both your employees and your business as a whole.  Why not contact me, Liz, at Devon Sole Reflexology to enquire?

Making workplaces more positive and productive

Stress in the workplace is generally accepted as a big problem in the UK with millions of working days lost to stress. This costs both the employee in terms of loss of quality of life and the employer in terms of productivity.

It also has more long-term and far-reaching effects on the individual. Ongoing studies indicate that stress is associated with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, anxiety and depression and is involved in musculoskeletal problems.

In short, stress costs money, both in the short and long term.

Take care of your employees

Whether you are a large or small company, it makes sense to take care of your most important asset – your employees. Many companies are now looking at workplace wellbeing programmes and are discovering the benefits of a healthy and happy workforce!

By introducing employees to in-house reflexology treatments, stress is greatly reduced, leading to increased motivation, reduced staff turnover and less absenteeism.

What will you need to do?

I am able to visit your workplace for the day to provide 25 minute, 40 minute or 55 minute ‘stress-busting’ reflexology treatments to your employees.

I bring all my own equipment and all that is required is a small quiet room or space: an office or meeting room would be ideal.

Your employees would only need to remove their shoes and socks.

A guide to payment

Each company chooses its own level of involvement with regard to payment. In some businesses, each employee is fully responsible for the cost of their own treatment, while other companies may choose to subsidise or part-subsidise the treatments for their staff.

You could choose to have regular monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly staff reflexology sessions, or just opt for a one-off treatment as part of a bespoke staff wellness event.

As a guide, my day rate is £200 (this is for 8 x 25-minute treatments). Please get in touch to discuss your company’s requirements further and I can put together a bespoke package.

Contact Devon Sole Reflexology, a Paignton-based service providing a mobile service for businesses throughout South Devon.